Need help to find the best setup for Membership plugin


I'm totally lost here. My company publishes digital magazine once a month. How do I set up the Membership page so that I could get people to purchase my magazine and must view it within their membership page.

Meaning, the file cannot be downloaded, but we will provide them with a cloacked link to our flash flipbook.

The problem right now is, those who purchase the subscription will have access to all our past issues.

How do I make it in such a way where purchases need to be in ala carte?

Thank you

  • Philip John
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    I think there is a fairly simple solution to what you're after...

    First off I'm assuming your magazine is delivered only in flash? If so, you firstly need to simply publish a new post each month containing that month's flipbook.

    When you do so, you'll need to unpublish the previous month to remove that from view.

    You will then need a membership level for subscribers that allows them access to posts, protecting posts from everyone else.

    This will mean that only subscribers can see your posts and only one post (with the latest issue) will be visible at a time.


  • controlyours
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    To make it even easier, you'll want to set this up for wordpress first:

    The above allows you to not only create custom fields easily inside the posts, but then you can call them in your 'visual editor' without having to add your flash into the HTML editor. Otherwise, if you go back into a published post and "Update" it (when your default interface is to show the visual editor), your flash code will have to be put back into the HTML editor and saved again. These instructions save some hair and energy!

    Secondly, we use this plugin to auto expire certain posts on a specific day (so we don't have to worry about un-publishing them). You will schedule your new post to publish on 10-10- 2011 and your old post to expire on the same day.

    Hope that helps.

    One more thought:
    The advantage of doing this as a post (compared to putting it on a membership page) is that you can have it Automatically email them every month (through a 'membership newsletter' of some sort). Compared to requiring them to remember to come to your site...they still won't be able to see the protected content until they click on your newsletter link, but that way they can maybe get an overview of what this month is about in the email. If after they read the overview and they want to see the whole flash magazine, the can click your link, log in and check it out.

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