Need help to improve Page Speed Score

I want to improve my Google Page Speed Insights. I have enabled Smush pro and Hummingbird Pro.

  • Kris
    • Support

    Hi Andy

    Hope you are doing good today.

    To get most high score in Google Page Speed Insights or GTMetrix require long time and settings up all features correct.

    I made some review of your site and settings in our both plugins: Hummingbird and Smush.

    1. Cache and Gzip works correct on your site.
    2. You have enabled Asset Optimization but you use only basic mode. I recommend to switch to advanced mode and work on each file separate.

    Each file which exist in Asset Optimization list can be:
    - compress
    - combine
    - move to footer
    - inline.

    I recommend those steps:

    1. click only one icon for each file, click Publish Settings at the bottom, clear cache (if is active in Hummingbird - Cache), refresh home page and see does site works correct (font colors, backgrounds, sliders, forms etc. - because you modify not only css files but also JS).

    2. if site works ok, repeat for another icon in this file.

    3. repeat step 1-2 for rest of files until all files will have most of icons as blue.

    Note: some plugins/theme files cannot be compress/combine etc., because the site can start working incorrectly. Plugin or theme author could build code in a way that this specific file cannot be compress etc.

    So this is a lot of work but worth to speed up the site.

    And here is our full guide for Hummingbird:

    I recommend here to enable two additional features:
    1. Resize my full size images (so each new image on site will be automatically resize on upload)
    2. Smush my original full size images (some theme or plugins user original image to display in widgets, post etc, it is good to compress those images as well)

    Hope this help :slight_smile:
    Kind Regards,

  • Andy
    • Talking to Teens Host

    also do you know what's going on?
    there are several errors on my website right now.
    two pictures aren't loading.
    the pricing module looks off
    and the fonts (header font) are all off and different
    in addition some of the graphs look different

  • Kris
    • Support

    Hi Andy

    I'm terribly sorry for the delay

    I made changes in your Smush settings as I mention here before:

    I also disabled Hummingbird CDN and pricing box is ok now. Please double check on your side.

    As for Hummingbird -> Asset Optimization advanced mode is still not ON.

    If you enable this feature you will be able to work on those files one by one following my guide from first post. You have over 40 files there and I'm afraid this os out of scope here to optimize each file one by one in advanced mode.

    two pictures aren't loading.

    Can you share screenshot of site section which images are missing?

    and the fonts (header font) are all off and different

    Can you double check now those fonts as well?

    see how there is a black box up there at the top of the page? and not down at the bottom of the page?

    Can you clarify this little bit more. Do you mean this bottom box should be also black and not blue?

    Kind Regards,

  • Kris
    • Support

    Hi Andy

    Please check again site. I exclude both images from lazyload as both of them added as background image conflict with lazyload from Smush. They should load correct now. Rest of images use lazyload.

    As for optimize images there is no need to do that as you use Smush CDN with Automatic Resizing feature. You can check in page source that image got different sizes in srcset tab which load correct image for different mobile devices.

    Kind Regards,

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