Need help troubleshooting Affiliates

I have some very unhappy affiliates and they are sharing their frustrations on social media so the issues are really starting to hurt.. . big time.

I have another current thread regarding ongoing payments issues but this ticket is regarding the reliability of the tracking itself.

From the feedback I am getting, approximately 75% of the referrals are not being credited. Fortunately (or unfortunately) we also ask who referred on the sign-up form, so it would be great if there were a way to manually credit these referrals - but that is another story and another ticket. I realize that some visitors may have their cookies turned off - but I need to get to the bottom if there is actually something not functioning properly.

I have some questions after browsing through the database tables.
1. There are 3 global tables affiliaterecords, affiliatedata and affiliatereferrers. There are 3505 records in affiliate records; 254 in affiliate data but ONLY 4 records in affiliate referrers. In fact those 4 records were from 6/2014 from WPMUdev troubleshooting at the time.

What is going on, or not going on with the affiliatereferrers table? Is this table supposed to have data? Could this be part of my problem?

2. The affiliates plugin has always been network activated from the very beginning. All of our subsites have the 3 affiliate related tables - why? If they should not, how do we stop this table creation?

Although the idea of an affiliate program is great it rapidly turns into a big PR problem when it is not working right.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello antKat,

    I'm really sorry to hear that you have so much trouble with Affiliates.
    I've checked on my installation and refferals are counted properly - but I have empty table affiliaterefferals (this is fresh installation).

    Affiliates tables for each subsite are created because it is, by default, set to allow each blog to have it's own affiliate system so has a set of tables for each blog. So this is nothing to worry about.

    I'm pinging developer about issue with affiliaterefferals - why this table stays empty.

    kind regards,

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