Need help tying the membership registration plugin in with the appointment plus plugin on my theme

Dear support, I'm a bit of a novice with wordpress so I'm a bit confused exactly how I tie the membership registration/login plugin in with the appointment plus plugin.

I have watched and followed your video tutorials for both the plugins and configured everything I believe is needed including staff, services, schedules etc.

What I want to do is allow new visitors to my site to be able to register and login with password authentication in order to book an appointment. I do not want the customer to be able to book an appointment without first registering, If that makes sense?

I'm also not entirely sure what pages or exact widgets need to be enabled for the login/registration process to be shown on the main page menu or sidebar.

Any help or pointers will be gladly appreciated.

website is

Kind regards


  • Nathan

    Hello Patrick

    Thank you for your quick response and support.

    I have completed the tasks you set out in your previous message and now there is the ability for users to log in now.
    The problem is where I go from there! The 'subscription' page(s) aren't really that much use for me as I run a very small business and do not see the requirement for something of that nature at this time, but after someone registers they are directed to a page that says they are now a 'level 1 subscriber' with no other options. What I actually need is for the end user to be redirected to a booking page that takes all their details. I have created the page following the online tutorials but I cannot figure out how to 'nest' the page to make them go there. As I said I am a new user to all of this and I may be overlooking something that might be quite simple.
    Basically I need-
    1. Register (new user), Log in (previous user) leading to>>
    2. Details Page (new User), Booking Page (previous) leading to>>
    3. Booking Page (new user) leading to>>>
    4. Thank you for Booking Page (all users) end.

    Any insight you may have concerning this would be of great use to me and I would wholly appreciate any help you have to offer.

    Thank you,

  • Patrick

    Hi again @Nathan

    From what I understand reading your previous post, it sounds like you don't even need the Membership plugin at all at this stage in your site's development. Perhaps at a later time it may be useful, but for now it would just complicate things unnecessarily.

    The basic workflow you have outlined above can be handled using the Appointments+ plugin, the built-in registration features of WordPress, and a very handy free plugin called Profile Builder that enables you to have registration & login features on the front of your site:

    I've set up a very simple demo site for you with just the basics here:

    Please visit and create an account to view the workflow, or login with these creds:
    Username: demouser
    Password: demouser

    If that is what you're looking for, just let me know and I'll walk you through it.


  • Nathan

    Hello Patrick,

    That's exactly what I require with just a few additional fields on the registration form such as gathering the customers home address for mobile bookings.

    One issue I have however noticed is that once I have registered and booked a new appointment, it shows all other appointments booked by other users under "My Appointments" which seems to be visible to all. If the individual appointments booked on the front end could be private to each users, that would be great and then obviously on the backend ALL visible.

    Another issue seems to be without even logging in, I can cancel anyone's appointments under "My Appointments" it seems.

    Thank you very much.


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