Need Help understanding how I can get live help

I just signed up for WPMUDEV and I'm confused a bit frustrated by your support model. I was sold that I would have 24/7 access to someone who could help me with WP issues and I don't think that is the case.

I see that I can send questions in, but it takes hours to get a response. Furthermore, many of the published times have "Host Not Available for this Session". Why would you publish a time and then say that no one would be there to support it?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Eric,

    EAch staff has 2 slots on live support per week at the times on the live support calendar.

    But as we're all human, sometimes we are not available for various reasons, sickness, holidays & so on. Whilst we do try to arrange cover when we're not available, sometimes that's just not possible.

    We deal with hundreds of members here each week, and at busy times other staff are simply too busy to cover those sessions.

    We have just had a black friday & cyber monday sale which has created a huge amount of new members, this means an increased workload on the support forums, so most staff in order to deal with the influx of new members have marked 1 of their live sessions away.

    They should be back to normal from next week.

    Our usual support methods are forum or live support sessions, but other than those we do not offer personal one on one support.

    Please be aware, we provide support 24hrs a day, but staff are all on different timezones, I see many of your posts have either been at 1am or 5am (my time), sometimes if staff are not available, it can be difficult to arrange cover especially if there's no staff available at those specific times of day.

    But most threads are responded to in under 1 hour, but if it's extremely busy, there can be delays, and some questions are more complicated than others which then take further time to deal with. Our system feeds staff threads automatically from the oldest to newest, so if you post a question at 1am for example, and you don't get a response within 2hrs, then you post a reply in that thread (called bumping), the system sees a response and will actually push that thread back to the end of the queue again, so it's best to avoid unecessary bumping in threads.

    Hope this helps

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