Need Help Updating a WordPress Site

This may sound a little odd to post in the Advanced Section, but I have a very big site which is quite mission critical that needs updating.

The issue is, is that when we update the core WordPress, some functionality is broken. Such as the visual editor in the add post, add page sections.

The site is important enough that we are trying to find someone who is very confident in their ability to repair such things.

The issue may be related to this post, but I can not be sure:

To be clear, what I am looking for is for someone skilled with wordpress on an advanced level, so is able and willing to work hard to ensure a quality update of our whole site. Including plugins, some basic functionality testing afterwards, with issue resolution.

We are happy to pay for the work! We just want to make sure it gets done right! =)

I hope this is an ok place for me to post this, but I have had such great experience here finding WordPress experts to help me with lots of smaller tasks.

Tail High!

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Devi, hope you're doing well this evening! :slight_smile:

    Given the requirements for this job, I'd advise posting on our Jobs Board about this, you'd definitely be more than welcome to do so:

    Just as my own two cents on the matter: I would want to have a separate development site set up for this, so that a dry run can be run first (just in case there's any issues that arise, given the size of this site). That, and I'd personally be curious to see if having a bare installation (no plugins activated, and the Twenty Fifteen theme in use) still encounters the issues with updating.

    Kind Regards,

  • Devi

    Hi Michael!

    Oh I was trying to find the jobs board, but was not able to.

    That dev site is exactly the kind of thing I would like someone I hire to do though! If they could make the changes on a development server first, and then update and test the changes before making it go life for us that would be perfect!

    I know what I should do is setup the dev server, go through all the trouble of downloading the site and MySQL database + deal with serialization issues and domain name changes. Then disable all plugins, test different themes and such... but even then I do not have the skills to FIX problems when they occur.

    I may find out one plugin is causing a conflict, or an issue, but going about fixing it? It's just honestly not part of job description. I just need this done, and fixed.

    So I will take your advise, and post this to the job boards. Pretty much verbatim.

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

    Tail High!

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