Need Help Updating Membership 2 Pro

I recently paid ($19/mo) to get the latest Membership 2 plugin. Then i proceeded to install WPMUDEV Dashboard on my site, activated it and logged into it.

I tried searching for the plugin using the dashboard inside my site, but it keeps telling me to upgrade memberships instead of recognizing that i already have one.

Then i tried to perform an update directly from here, (clicked Install>Update from the plugin page) but i get this error: "Something went wrong. Membership 2 Pro on <> could not be updated."

I did change my website password a few weeks ago. Do I need to make changes here on also? I tried to find a place but couldn't.

Could anyone log into my account and help me out? I really seem to be going on a loop here.


P.S. What if i download Membership2 to install it manually? 1) Would i need to first remove my existing (older) version? 2) Wouldnt that delete all my paying members and settings?