Need help with a few small Coursepress tweaks & one bigger issue

Hello! I've got a couple of small things that shouldn't be hard to tweak but I don't know how to do them :slight_smile:

Here they are...
- On the bottom of the articles page it says “Details” and that takes you to details on the last article. Could we get rid of that button since it is only on the last article, and they can access details just by clicking on the article anyways.
- Can we remove the save progress and exit button on the bottom of the units section?
- Could we Add a home button at the very bottom of the screen that will take us back to the home page?

Now for the bigger issue...
Currently things are set up with Membership 2 handling recurring payments. However there seems to be a gap between the two plugins, which is this.

When adding a course, you have the option to choose "Who Can Enroll." The dropdown has Manually added, Anyone, Anyone with a pass code and anyone who completed a past article. Manually added is not possible because of the expected volume of students. Anyone would not work because they are supposed to pay. Anyone with a pass code could work if we emailed users the pass code via Membership 2's email system, however if they cancel their subscription they would still have the pass code and could take courses regardless. Of course the prerequisite course option wouldn't work because it isn't that kind of a site.

The goal is so students can read the details about the course on the details page, but when they try to sign up it should prompt them to register if they haven't logged in OR force them to log in with their paid account.

Hopefully that makes sense, and sorry for writing a novel here. :slight_smile: