Need help with a plugin called wp-cycle in a Studiopress theme ...

Hi ... did not know what plugin concern option to choose!

I installed the wp-cycle plugin as directed by the videos on Studiopress for the template, made all the images 800 x 533 as instructed. Double checked.

I then made the dimensions the same width and height as per video ... however mine come out all stretched and weird.

Could you help please? I have been over and over the video instructions for wp-cycle (not one of yours) by Studiopress techos and looked on the website of the plugin ... have not heard from them yet.

I cannot see where I have gone wrong. I am using the Landscape theme. It makes the photos look disgusting ...

Need an answer soon guys ... my subscription is running out and i don't have enough to renew just yet ... and I need to get this up and working to get some work in!!

Judie Gade