Need help with BuddyPress on multisite with enable multiblog

I have a multisite network with buddypress that had been initially setup as define ( 'BP_ROOT_BLOG', 1 ); I am finding that the subsites want to have groups and forums but do not want to leave their subsite. I've read through forum that this could be achieved by adding BP_Enable_Multiblog . I have not been able to get this to work. I need some additional clarification.

1. Do you remove the original BP definition for root blog? I've tried leaving it in and removing it and it still doesn't work. If I remove it, I get errors regarding the BP xProfile fields.

2. When you enable_multiblog, do you need to create the buddypress pages in the subsite or are they virtually created by clicking on the restore? When I click on the restore that now displays in the subsite, the matching pages are only referring to the main blog and not the subsite.

Please help.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello antKat,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    It seems that this feature is not completely documented and the docs are not quite accurate/precise enough.

    I have tested this on my own multisite setup and here's what I found and what worked for me:

    1. the BP_ROOT_BLOG definition seem to interfere as it "restricts" BuddyPress installation to that particular site that's defined

    2. in "wp-config.php" file this line should be added (note uppercase characters):


    This line should be above the "/* That's all, stop editing! */" line.

    3. The BuddyPress must be network-enabled. If it's enabled per-site, disable it everywhere and enable via "Network Admin"; if it already is network activated, disable it and enable again.

    This worked for me well. There's no need to create/recreate any pages because the structure from the main site is "mirrored" to all subsites so if for example members listing is located on the main site under the "" URL it would be available under the "" URL on a subsite. Also all the BP links (profile etc) for logged in users should be automatically adjusted.

    Give it one more try please the way I described and let me know if that worked for you.

    Best regards,

  • antKat

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the help. I removed the root blog definition. Since buddypress was previously network activated, I did as you suggested and de-activated and then re-activated it.

    What I am really trying to do accomplish. A subsite will have courses. I would like to create a BP group for each class and have menu links to the groups on the subsite. How can I add the custom menu link so that the group page appears to be on the subsite?

    The site I am trying to test this out on is There are 2 groups created while at main site by user: newsomfamilyoils. When user newsomfamilyoils is on the main site the PB menu has all of the BP menu items. However, when she is on her site essentialoilsacademy, the BP menu does not have the full list of menus.

    I have granted you access if you could take a look.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello antKat!

    I checked the site and it seems that the "multiblog" feature is working. When I checked BP links from both main site and the "essentialoilsacademy" they lead to the proper site:

    - from main site they are like e.g. ""

    - from sub-site they are like ""

    That's exactly what "multiblog" feature does.

    This however affects "core" BP links but may not be fully compatible with all the BP add-ons. The feature is not well documented and even though "it's there" is seems like it was a bit "abandoned" by BP developers :slight_frown:

    As for groups. When I checked BP links using support access - which essentially means using your super-admin user account - I saw only a single group on that sub-site. However, when I changed the username in url ("/members/USERNAME/groups/") to the "newsomfamilyoils" I immediately noticed two groups there.

    The BP links are always adjusted to the user that's logged in so when you visit that sub-site dashboard and try to use that links they will refer to your account. The "newsomfamilyoils" user should see both groups. Other users can visit "/members" page (on any sub-site) and then view "newsomfamilyoils" profile and access this user's groups from there. After they join group they should also see it under their own links.

    Having that said, I must say I'm a bit confused on what exactly the link that you mentioned in your recent post should be. I suppose I brought you to some more confusion as well and I'm sorry for this. The "multiblog" feature though is a bit "tricky" and badly documented so I think we just need to get to the "core" of the issue first :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello antKat!

    Thank you for letting me know about it.

    Since you are now testing the BuddyPress Multi-Network, that's a bit different than the standard BuddyPress or BuddyPress with BP_MULTI_BLOG enabled so give it a test drive please and in case you either required assistance with it or decided to get back to "multi blog" version and needed some more help, just let me know here and I'll jump in again.

    Best regards,

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