Need help with Custom Press

can anyone point me to some good tutorials with setting up custom press? i took a look at the manual and im such a newbie with the plugin that i dont understand much of it.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    What aspects were you getting stuck or confused with?

    In addition to the usage page the plugin also has help/notes inline with the settings.

    Have you tried setting up a custom post type, a field and taxonomy?

    The way I first learnt this plugin was just by playing with it on a project until I understood it.

    If you let me know what specifically you're having a hard time with then I should be able to help further.

    Take care.

  • tlcorbin

    Hello, jennifer_hampton, I am intrigued with this plugin, so I downloaded and installed it. After looking it over, I have to ask;

    How experienced are you generally with WordPress?
    Have you posted blogs with photos or video clips included?
    Are you familiar with php and html?

    Answers to those questions will help determine which information sources are best suited to your skill level. Posting information at a skill level that only god can understand would not be fair to you.

    My first step was Google search, custom press wordpress plugin setup and that provided some leads.

    Here is a link to other community discussions about the custom press plugin.

    Generally speaking; Do you really need the immediate use of the plugin, if not, play with the settings and view the results, but deactivate it after each experiment with the settings is completed, until it works the way that you want it to.

    I hope that this helps to at least get you started.


  • tlcorbin

    Hello again, Jennifer, you have a reasonable plan and a bit of an ambitious one at that. When your next question manifests, I and others will be here to try and help. A blog design database sounds intriguing. My book database is currently a pile on my desk, floor, shelves, boxes, and a digital book database would be very helpful, so you know that you have my best wishes for the project.

    Thank you for the rep point.


  • jhampt09

    Hi tlcorbin,

    Yes, the Book Database has been on my desk pile of ideas for over a year now! I think that the Custom Press plugin would work great for this. I was hoping to be able to create a Book Database with affiliate links to Amazon and possibly any other site that would sell the book, a rating system on what I thought of each book that was posted, and of course my review along with some of the book details such as ISBN, Author, Publisher, Maybe the author website, etc.

    I currently run a book review site and I was hoping to use the Custom Press plugin to better help me organize my reviews the way I want them instead of paying for a $50-$60 theme at themeforest (and I would still probably have to tweak it anyway)

    If I figure it out, which I'm going to spend the rest of the week doing, I'll send you the import files I've created and you can tweak them a bit for your use if you want.

    Thanks again for you help! :slight_smile:

  • tlcorbin

    Hello, Jennifer, that would be a very nice gesture. I am going to be working on my old job shack this week and will be away from my computer for big chunks of the day, but I will keep and eye out for you; and will continue exploring the plugin. I believe that plugin has great potential, but it needs exploring first.

    I like your idea, it has merit, so I encourage you to pursue the idea. And I when you have completed the process, I look forward to viewing the finished project.

    Have a great day.


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