Need help with custom templates for MarketPress

I need to create custom templates for my MarketPress pages. I've had success with the Product page and the Store page, but I'm having trouble with the mp_productlist.php page. I've read the txt file that's included in MarketPress and searched this forum and the Internet high and low, downloaded FrameMarket and SimpleMarket to dig in the code, and I'm really just stuck as to why this doesn't work. If I can get a bit of help with this page, I'm sure I can get the other templates I need to make working as well.

Here's what I have inside the mp_productlist.php file:

<div id="main">

    		<div class="box post store">

                <h1 class="title"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
                            <?php mp_products_filter(); ?>

                    <div class="post">

                        <div class="entry dwq_prod">
                            <?php mp_list_products(true, true, 0, 9, 'title', 'ASC'); ?>
                    	<div class="fix"></div>



The title of the page is the first problem. It shows the title of one of the products as opposed to the title of the page--which should be the title of the category that you're looking at obviously.

The second issue is that the category drop down menus don't show at all. Isn't that what the mp_products_filter() function does?

Here's a link to the page:

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile: