Need help with domain registered at GoDaddy and host in HostGator.


The WordPress setting is WordPress 3.5 MultiSite using

I have the domain registered in GoDaddy and host the site in HostGator.

The main site is working great, and I mapped a subdomain called using the Domain Mapping plugin to one of the site under the network. ( now is mapped to I added an A record in GoDaddy for the subdomain and point it to HostGator’s server IP, and added a subdomain in HostGator and it worked.

When it comes to mapping a top level domain called to another site under the network (, it did not work. I added an A record innGoDaddy for and point it to HostGator’s server IP. And added a parked domain in HostGator.

But it did not work, does anyone have any experiences or any successful examples before?

Many thanks and Happy Holidays!