Need help with Gcal integration


I have a client who runs a driving academy. There are two instructors, operating in 11 locations, offering 6 or 7 services in each location. The instructors are the only two running these service and is thus not always in the same location on the same days.

For Appointments+ to work, I had to improvise by creating service providers for each location service by duplicating the two instructors names cross referenced by location.

This seem to have solved some issues I had with making the above situation work.

(Not sure what the locations plugin is for if it doesn’t fix the obove problem??)

Anyway, that is just to give a background/

The real problem arrises in two ways.

1. Problem one is when you select “no preferred service provider”. Instead of blocking out the availablility for both the providers, it makes them free for anytime, even though they may have appointments already scheduled for the times that the user is booking them for. How can I make it that it correctly blocks out both users not-available times, or can I disallow the option of choosing “no preferred service provider”?

2. Problem two is our main problem and the reason that we have reverted to another booking system (even though it does not meet our needs!). The problem is with the Gcal integration.

Appointments reserved by Gcal is not imported in the correct format into the Appointments plugin. When I confirmed the appoinments waiting in the “Appointments reserved by Gcal” list, it wiped out the original bookings in the instructors Gcal and as a result we lost all the information he had entered about each client.

Also, as the two instructors have each their own calendar, it didn’t specify or book out the correct instructor for the service that was booked.

Is there any way that we can make the Gcal have the same placeholders as the booking form so that they store the information on both platforms the same? Also, when a booking is made by Gcal through the manual entering by an instructor, why does it not block out the availablility for that instructor on the Appointments+ plugin.

Are any of these problems solvable, or are we doomed to be looking for something else?

Thank you for your time.