Need help with homepage Widgets for logged-in users

Ok, so I have four blocks available for widgets on the “logged-in” version of our homepage.

Since the “admin” is the one assigned the main blog account — the widgets work fine as long as i’m logged in as admin and I’m adding widgets through that account. But that doesn’t really do me any good for what I’m trying to do.

What I’d like to do is instead of the homepage relying on the information fed in from the admin blog’s widget settings — I want it to pull from the LOGGED-IN USER’S settings.

So, every logged in user would see something different depending on their widget settings.

I have a weather widget, for example, that pulls data from Inside that widget is a zip code field. So I want this homepage widget to pull the zip code from whoever is logged in’s widget settings.

This is what the blocks look like: