Need help with Hummingbird

I connected one of the websites – simple one just to test options –

I had w3 fastest cache installed and managed to get my speed to 90s and achieving score 91 with Hummingbird test. I’ve deactivated the plugin and instead used Hummingbird options and now the score sits on 83.

I’m still getting a notification on the top that I need to upgrade my free version to Pro – I clicked on Upgrade and it redirects me to Installed plugins dashboard but I don’t see anywhere an upgrade button, only deactivate.

Also, under Asset Optimisation, I see I still have few points that can be compressed, however, how do I compress them? If I click (highlighted or not highlighted) after Publish Changes it doesn’t seem to do anything.

I’ve enabled access to the support under the WPMU DEV dashboard/support.