Need help with improving page speed score.

I have a mobile score issue on multiple sites. But let’s have a look at the issue on one site first. Barefruit Marketing.

Also, I’m getting a different reading from the hummingbird dashboard, to google page speed insights.

Why is the score so high in hummingbird dashboard? How am I supposed to know if I’ve fixed it? Should I just check on page speed insights?

There are so many different things to apply. On GTmatrix the score is 71, on page speed insights it’s 44, on hummingbird pro, it’s 80. It’s too confusing.

Please check and help to improve my mobile score and why hummingbird score is so different from Google? Will it adopt mobile recommendation at any points. Please check and help.

  • Jonathan Solorzano
    • Staff

    Hi Barefruit,

    Thank you for contacting WPMU Support!

    Please note that Hummingbird and PageInsights along with other performance tools each have different benchmarks so there could be some expected discrepancy when comparing them. The best recommendation here is to use Hummingbird, PageInsights and even GTmetrix to compare and look at them as different “perspectives” as how your site’s performance is and how you can improve it.

    Hummingbird works on “resources” so it is processing assets that are loaded by the site, despite whether it’s mobile or desktop: if a given asset is being loaded, it is processed by Hummingbird. Here are some of the basics you would want to cover when optimizing your site:

    1)Minify your code – all unneeded code is removed (i.e. white spaces, new lines, comments, etc.)

    2)Check for Render Blocking Resources -defer to load CSS or JS resources after your page is already parsed

    3)Optimize Images – WP Smush Pro to optimize image assets and you can use WP Smush Pro CDN for scaled images(currently one of your errors on your site)

    4)File Compression – Compress files before delivery

    5)Page Caching -Store files temporarily to load faster( note to flush the cache when testing or making updates)

    You can see this explained in more detail here:

    Now so basic honesty with this task is that is definitely not an “automatic” or “instant” option that will take care of all your site’s performance on a “one-time setting only” as this does require to be optimized from time to time. It’s time consuming but it will let you really optimize assets delivery, which in turn should affect performance and score positively in the long run.

    To get started, you can use GTmetrix error/warning recommendations to get a clear idea of what assets you would need to optimize. Also take in considerations my peer share with you through chat as they are also valid. You can also take a look at other users “similar situations” that have been addressed in these past threads:

    As a last resort and something that might not be taken kindly, you can also consider looking at the option of using a theme that handles resources in a more optimized way as this could also affect your site’s performance(e.g. Themes that are really responsive, best practices for assets handling, good support in case needed).

    Hope this helps and let us know the result of the guidelines/tests(mentioned) applied to your site.


    Jonathan S

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