Need help with installing plugins need it done by tomorrow

Hey guys.
Ineed help with installing some plugins and a theme.
i just cant get it to work, i have tried anything... im a noob..
i need help..

please email me at im not online here..

i will pay 100buks to the one how helps me... remember i have the theme and the plugins.. i just cant get it to work.. if you have tried this before it takes you like 15min rigth? i pay 100buks for that .

i can edit my self if the plugins just is installed ..

email me.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey reberholt!

    Let's see if we can help you out here :slight_smile:

    First off a few questions;
    - Have you followed the instructions for installing the plugins? (e.g. at
    - What version of WordPress are you using?
    - Which themes and plugins are you attempting to install?
    - Do you have 'FTP' access to your WordPress blog?

    Let me know about these and we'll figure it out together :smiley:


  • reberholt
    • Flash Drive

    no those instructions i didnt find, thanks !
    im using the 3.0.4 version

    themes i wont to use:
    the deepblue with some costumataizing

    the chat plugin for online help.
    and some more.. alot axely.. but one of the time :p the supporter is the importend one to start with.

    the FTP i dont know..

    all i have is acess to this, to WP and to the Cpanel at spek.
    thats all i have..


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    The instructions are always the best place to start - we try to make sure they're as clear as possible so it's a breeze :slight_smile:

    We also have a whole manual with guides on how to get things done. I reckon you should check out our excellent theme and plugin installation guides at;

    You may find the videos there helpful too!

    You'll also be interested to know we are planning to offer a custom development service soon where you can take advantage of our awesome developers. It's not ready quite yet, but we'll be announcing it soon so look out for it!

    Hope that helps :smiley:


  • reberholt
    • Flash Drive

    Okay i cant get it to work .. please tell me whats wrong.. heres what ive done..

    I have tried to install a new theme.. the wpmu bisnuess theme.. just to try it..

    1. download the theme from the cpanel to my desktop.
    2. making a new map called "BB"
    3. unzip the theme. - this is bringing a new map called "bisnuess" or something.
    4. i then take the "bisnuess" map and bring it to the "BB" map (located on desktop)
    5. I then log on to filezilla.
    6. i open Public.html --> WP-content ---> themes
    7. then i drag the BB map into the Theme map..

    isnt it how to do it?
    i have done this, and noting happens on my WP dashbord.

    I have also tried to take the child theme inside the "bisnuess" map first, and then afterwards the parrent theme.. so its not working either if i take one theme of the time..

    please help

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi reberholt!

    Sorry, I'm a little confused as to what process you went through to install the theme.

    What do you mean by "map" - do you mean folders?

    When you open FileZilla you should see a right-hand panel which includes folders called;
    - wp-admin
    - wp-content
    - wp-includes

    Double click the wp-content directory where you should see a 'themes' directory. Double click on that.

    You then need to upload the theme folder there...

    Let me know how you get on!


  • teckyhead
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    It looks to me like you might have too many folders there. You said that you dragged the 'business' folder over to a folder on your desktop called 'BB' and then uploaded the BB folder. In that case you would end up with the theme in wp-content/themes/BB/business rather than wp-content/themes/business.

    Try uploading just the business folder into wp-content/themes.

  • reberholt
    • Flash Drive

    okay guys i try again :slight_smile:

    yup i have the 195dollars membership on you guys set it all up for me..

    1. i download the theme
    2. i unzip the file.
    3. "wpmu-bp-business-2.9". <- thats the folder there get extraced. within that folder, there is 2 other folders. one folder called "docs" another one called "themes" .. within the "docs" folder there are a .pdf document called manual. and a .txt document called changelog.
    4. i then launch filezilla with my login details from my cpanel.
    5. i then find the /public_html/wp-content/themes in my rigth site of the program.
    6. i find my folder called "wpmu-bp-business-2.9" and drag it to the rigth site of the program.

    this is what ive done..
    but when i go to my dashbord to activate the theme in the admin place, there is no new theme.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Ah apologies - I thought we were talking about Appearances > Themes.

    When you go to Site Admin > Themes is there any kind of message at the bottom of the page about broken themes?

    Can you compare your local copy of the theme files with the copy on the server using FileZilla? Have all the theme files uploaded correctly?

    Thanks for your patience!


  • reberholt
    • Flash Drive

    No massages in admin > themes

    but in apperence > themes there is..

    it says that the stylesheet is missing :disappointed: .. ?
    but i have uploaded everything in the folder correct, no problem with the uploading.
    ehm .. were should the stylesheet be located?

  • Ulrich
    • The Crimson Coder

    3. "wpmu-bp-business-2.9". <- thats the folder there get extraced. within that folder, there is 2 other folders. one folder called "docs" another one called "themes" .. within the "docs" folder there are a .pdf document called manual. and a .txt document called changelog.
    6. i find my folder called "wpmu-bp-business-2.9" and drag it to the rigth site of the program.

    Upload the content of the folder called "themes" instead.

  • reberholt
    • Flash Drive

    Hey guys .. just got it to work . and im feeling quite stuppid ..
    the problem was, that i opend the theme folder in filezilla.
    but instead of dragging it to the theme folder, i dragged it to a already there theme because i dragged it inside the folder. at the lowest rigth file management in filezilla instaed of the TOP rigth file management box..

    i know the explainotaion isnt the best. but i hope you guys know what i mean..

    oh and thnaks for the help guys :slight_smile: .. im gonna need more later ithink. but one step at the time :slight_smile:

  • reberholt
    • Flash Drive

    is there a way that i can reset my whole site?
    now that i know the rigth way to do the things, it would be nice to get the site resat..
    because now there are files all over the place that dont need to be there.. there are themes inside other theme folders.. its a mess

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya reberholt,

    The only real way to 'reset' everything would be to delete the contents of your themes and plugins directories (and possibly mu-plugins as well). Of course, I'd only do that if you're still very early in the development phase and don't have any active users. :slight_smile:

    Just clearing out these folders and starting again should do the trick for you.

    Only things to leave in these:

    Everything else is unnecessary :slight_smile:

    Let's mark this one as resolved and if you have further issues, we open a a new thread. Thanks!

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