Need Help With Jigo Shop Email


When an ORDER is placed no email comes through... to the customer or to the company... the email is not working. Please see if anyone there can help us figure it out.

We have already contacted jigoshop, the other site emails are working. Jigoshop can do a test email and it does work, but the live emails for ORDERS are not working...

We have already tried the following...
Tried a differnt email address ...didn't work
Tried SMTP plugin. Didn't work
Unloaded all plugins. Didn't work
Made sure Wordpress can send emails by writing test page ... It can
Turned on Wordpress debug logging....nothing of interest noted
Made sure Wordpress and jigoshop emails matched. Didn't help

We are out of ideas... please see if you can please help us! We really need to get this resolved asap.

Thank you!