Need help with Membership 2 Pro

I am using Membership 2 Pro. Is the following possible. Let's say I have posted in let's say 10 different categories. Can I build memberships like bronze: chose 1 out of 10 categories; Silver: chose up to 3 out of 10 different categories; Gold: chose all categories available.

I understand, that I can choose categories as membership protection. This is what I am looking for: a user register for my site. He chooses, e.g. Silver membership. Silver membership includes 3 categories out of 10. But he chooses, which categories he wants to subscribe. So there must be some kind of checkboxes where he can choose up to 3 out of 10 categories. Is that possible? May he choose it during signup or after signup?

Nice would be, if the user decides to upgrade his membership, then he should be able to choose again. In other words. From silver to gold he should be able to get back to the checkbox list and redecide which categories he wants to see. Please share your valuable thoughts on this or any other workaround.