Need help with membership plugin

Hey Guys,

I have installed membership plugin but I find it over whelming. I have read the guide (79 pages) somethings made sense and some didn't

Are there any video tutorials that are easy to understand and follow along?


  • bharat

    Yes, I have installed it and I am playing with it..

    What I am trying to accomplish is this...

    I will be marketing this membership on different forums. So people will go to paypal make a payment and then come and signup.

    In the guide I read that it is possible to create a signup code and also we can set it to expire as soon as it's used once. I really think this will be helpful. But now the question is how to deliver these signup codes to the customers who pay?

    Is there any way I can email buyers a signup code automatically as soon as they pay for membership?

    So for example first buyer should get first signup code & the second buyer should get second signup code and so on because once the signup code is used it will be deactivated.

    There is just one level of membership so I want to give access to all the content pages to customers...How to do that?

    I have created menu and all the pages are under the main menu for members but I don't want the visitors to be able to see the menu...

    Also, if you can leave a note about configuring the affiliate plugin with this. It's gonna be really helpful. I haven't installed it yet.

  • Brian Purkiss

    You're going about it a backward way. There's no reason to go to PayPal first, and then to the Membership plugin through a signup code. That's creating unnecessary steps and work for the user.

    Membership supports PayPal payments by default from within the plugin. So all a user needs to do is visit the site, choose their package, enter in their account info, and click purchase. No need to generate codes, copy and paste codes, or anything like that. A much simpler, more intuitive, streamlined process.

    To restrict content, you will need to create an Access Level for visitors restricting that content from being publicly viewable, and an Access Level for members giving them permission to view that content. You'll then need to assign the membership access level to a Subscription so users can purchase it.

    The Affiliates plugin also has a usage page. It is also much simpler and requires very little configuration.

  • bharat

    The reason I am sending the visitors to paypal first is because I will list this membership on various market places and forum and will link them to paypal directly from their.

    Once user makes payment he will be redirected to membership registration page...

    I want to take care of the registration process from there...

    Is there any option which auto fills & locks their email address in registration form. Lets say someone used to make a payment via paypal so can we auto populate the same email in signup form and lock it (meaning they can only use the email they made the payment from)....

  • Brian Purkiss

    Instead of linking to PayPal, you should link directly to the registration form.

    Users will have the option of finding out more information about the service rather than meeting with an instant pay wall.

    But before we continue discussing it, the route you're describing simply isn't feasible. PayPal is built to accept info from websites, not generate info to give to websites. The method you're suggesting has too many steps, things that could break, and inconveniences on the user.

    I would highly recommend that you just use the registration process that is supported by default, as it is also the process that is used by every other site out there.

  • bharat

    Ok. I will see if I can redirect them to registration form instead of paypal..

    The other thing I am trying to figure out is this. In free subscription as soon as I register on the site it activates my account without even sending a confirmation email or to click on the link and activate the account.

    but it's not letting me access the content. I have to go from admin area activate the access and select the subscription (there is only one subscription as of now and I didn't select that whilst signing up) and then it will let the customer access the content.

    Instead I would like to have something like this.
    1. they signup
    2. email sent to customer
    3. customer clicks on the link to verify email
    4. account gets activated and user can access the content....

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