Need help with membership site

I have a pretty ambitious project I'm working on and before I waste any more time just want to know if it's possible using (mostly) your plugins.
I want a website with a home page, landing pages, a blog, email sign up forms and incentives etc.
I also want a membership site with a member dashboard with links to everything my members have access to -
Courses that are included in their membership
Premium courses that are available for an additional one time fee.
A calendar of events that can be sorted by date and filtered by location - city, state, country etc.
A directory or suppliers with ratings and reviews
A message board
A curated stock photo site (I think this may be the one thing you don't have a plugin for)

Since no one seems to be able to help me figure out how to style the Course Press plugin on my site (running Genesis/Dynamik) I'm thinking it might be easier to just have my main site and membership site set up on completely different domains. So my main page could have a link to sign up for membership or whatever and it would redirect them to the membership site.

Before I do all of that I want to verify a few things:
Will I be able to create on login for access to courses, events, directory, message board?
Will I be able to have some courses part of standard membership and some courses for an additional fee with the same login? Will they be able to go to a list of courses they have access to vs. a list of all available courses?
Can I sort courses by category? Like CATEGORY 1 with a list of available courses underneath. the CATEGORY 2... etc. And/or maybe a list of categories that can be linked to a page with just that category's courses on it?
I'd like suppliers to be able to pay for enhanced listings in the directory. They will NOT be members of the site but will need an account to pay for and update their listings. Is this possible? And is it possible to have 2 types of listings? One free and one enhanced with more features available?