Need help with optimizing and cleaning our wordpress website

Hello Team WPMU Dev,
Thank you so much for building such a platform as WPMU Dev and all the plugins. I was using WordPress a long ago but had left it because PHP was old tech and WordPress was complicated and not flexible so moved to HTML, CSS and JS for any website needs. But recently came back to WordPress because of Elementor, it’s an amazing plugin. But even then managing WordPress is hard, also it gets very slow.

Elementor needs additional plugins for few things so tried many plugins for making our site, also some cache, cdn, etc.. but it kept getting messy with all the plugins so over and over created multiple DigitalOcean servers while testing and destroyed. Also tried multiple setup of WordPress itself, like a WordPress Droplet from DigitalOcean, LiteSpeed WordPress, Plesk, Dedicated Database, etc… but it was very mess with all different setups and plugins.

But discovered WPMU Dev a few days back, also got a 3 months free trial from a contest and I have now removed almost all other pluings except for Elementor (and it’s plugins).

Now all other requirements are completed by WPMU Plugins, I have installed and setup 11 out of 12 plugins of yours. Hummingbird and Smush Pro made my site quite fast. Everything is covered and so flexible with customizations, you guys have really thought through every options. For example we use Cloudflare for few things (caching, cdn, etc..) you have integration option with them, we use Hubspot as CRM and your marketing and form tools have integrations with that also.

Okay, now let me tell you where we need your support. We are building a website based on Elementor and some plugins of it, but even with all the optimizations Elementor and some of the plugins slow down the site for PageSpeed / GTMetrix, I have already implemented all the optimizations your plugins provided. If possible someone from your team can have a look at our setup and please let us know us know what else can be done to optimize it further and also clean the setup because of trying many plugins a lot of files are leftover, also need help with setting up a proper staging for the site on your hosting.

Using in our current setup:
1) DigitalOcean Server – 8 vCPU, 16GB RAM, 100GB SSD, Ubuntu OS.
2) Plesk with some optimizations and WordPress Toolkit.
3) Cloudflare Business with some of the optimizations.
4) WPMU Dev and all the plugins.
5) Elementor and some of the plugins.

Website: Get Started –

We are an ed-tech startup based in India focused on non-programming courses with pay later model for underprivileged students. We are currently bootstrapped and take no fees from students until 6 months course and get them a job. We are trying to shift to complete online classes now due to Coronavirus.

Also building a LMS on WordPress it’s currently hosted on your own hosting and currently trying different LMS, if you have any input here also it would be awesome.