Need help with setting up Membership

I'm getting really confused trying to use the Wordpress Membership plugin

I've read through all instructions and am still clueless :slight_frown:

I have setup a 'visitor' level
I have created one page called 'member-premium-content'
In the levels, I have specified a negative rule that 'visitor' should NOT be allowed to see this page

Unfortunately, no joy - a visitor CAN see the page

I have setup everything else - I don't think I have missed anything

At the very basic level of operation, visitors should NOT be allowed to see the page I have setup
I have checked from different browsers (while not logged in)

Where am I going wrong? : (


ALSO, I in the page 'member-premium-content', I added a picture
The URL of this picture is ''

What's the point of the secure download area???
All you have to do is remove 'secure_downloads' and you have the exact URL
What am I missing here?

Once I get this all working, if I have sub pages - can I just get by, by protecting a parent page - or do I HAVE to protect sub pages as well to protect them?

How do I setup monthly subscriptions? There seems to be no instructions for this

For subscriptions, I can only specify finite number of days in subscription?
What if I want subscriptions to be monthly? Bi Monthly? or Every 6 months?

For subscriptions, what if I want my price to be 5.50??
I can only choose from the numbers in the list?

Free payments subscribers - they don't need to go through paypal gateway - how do I do this?
I haven't been able to get the system fully working yet - but in the details, there are Paypal details give - why is this? If no payment is taken, then this is not necessary??

I'm using these 2 pages for reference: - this is really lacking in detail for some parts - slightly better, but still missing a few things

I'm also looking at the simple instructions on the Plugin Page admin - this should have everything I need - but unfortunately, still no joy

I have spent several hours trying to get it all to work : (


- I have uploaded a zip file and have unzipped - this was explicitly mentioned to me in a recent live chat support
- I have enabled the plugin - the last line on the basic instructions in plugin say you need to enable - I just thought I'd mention just in case

- I'm getting errors in my footer because of the Membership plugin - when I disable, the errors go away
- I have tried turning off a few plugins - but no joy - I'm still getting the error

Any help would be appreciated


EDIT: I've just spent 30 minutes setting up the plugin on another Wordpress website I have - same problem : (