Need help with setting up Membership

I'm getting really confused trying to use the Wordpress Membership plugin

I've read through all instructions and am still clueless :slight_frown:

I have setup a 'visitor' level
I have created one page called 'member-premium-content'
In the levels, I have specified a negative rule that 'visitor' should NOT be allowed to see this page

Unfortunately, no joy - a visitor CAN see the page

I have setup everything else - I don't think I have missed anything

At the very basic level of operation, visitors should NOT be allowed to see the page I have setup
I have checked from different browsers (while not logged in)

Where am I going wrong? : (


ALSO, I in the page 'member-premium-content', I added a picture
The URL of this picture is ''

What's the point of the secure download area???
All you have to do is remove 'secure_downloads' and you have the exact URL
What am I missing here?

Once I get this all working, if I have sub pages - can I just get by, by protecting a parent page - or do I HAVE to protect sub pages as well to protect them?

How do I setup monthly subscriptions? There seems to be no instructions for this

For subscriptions, I can only specify finite number of days in subscription?
What if I want subscriptions to be monthly? Bi Monthly? or Every 6 months?

For subscriptions, what if I want my price to be 5.50??
I can only choose from the numbers in the list?

Free payments subscribers - they don't need to go through paypal gateway - how do I do this?
I haven't been able to get the system fully working yet - but in the details, there are Paypal details give - why is this? If no payment is taken, then this is not necessary??

I'm using these 2 pages for reference: - this is really lacking in detail for some parts - slightly better, but still missing a few things

I'm also looking at the simple instructions on the Plugin Page admin - this should have everything I need - but unfortunately, still no joy

I have spent several hours trying to get it all to work : (


- I have uploaded a zip file and have unzipped - this was explicitly mentioned to me in a recent live chat support
- I have enabled the plugin - the last line on the basic instructions in plugin say you need to enable - I just thought I'd mention just in case

- I'm getting errors in my footer because of the Membership plugin - when I disable, the errors go away
- I have tried turning off a few plugins - but no joy - I'm still getting the error

Any help would be appreciated


EDIT: I've just spent 30 minutes setting up the plugin on another Wordpress website I have - same problem : (


  • omar
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    i've just spent another hour trying to get it to work on a 3rd very plain website - it just doesn't work
    i've tried protecting posts as well this time (i actually only need to protect pages)
    ALSO: this website was on different hosting from the first 2 website
    no joy either

    am i the ONLY person here with problems with this plugin? : (

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Omar,

    The membership plugin has loads of settings and when everything works it's great to have all the finely-tuned controls. However, it does make troubleshooting a bit more difficult.

    To aid in this process, can you provide us with a link to your site(s)? We might be able to see something on the front-end.

    Versions of WordPress/BuddyPress and Membership.

    Screenshots or a list of the settings on your Options page from the membership plugin. We're glad to help and this plugin is working for many many folks, so I think with a little effort we can get you sorted here as well.


  • omar
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    mason, thanks for the email and thanks for the reply

    One of the websites tested on:

    i have a premium page setup here that you should NOT be able to see if you are a visitor:

    i've attached screenshots showing the settings i've made - they show that i have sufficient settings required to make the premium page be not visible to visitors

    + i'll also give u a login to the website via email so u can look yourself

  • omar
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    something else that is just confusing the hell out of me are the positive and negative rules

    lets take categories
    say i want to create a positive rule so that a level has access to 'Dummy Secure Category'
    BUT, then i ALSO want to create a negative rule for the SAME level that says access to 'Dummy Confidential Category' is NOT allowed by this level

    this is not possible - since there is no categories to drag from the right hand side, since it has already been dragged into the positive rule

    am i making any sense??

    it just seems highly odd to me :slight_frown:

    *desperately* need help - i've spent maybe 1/2 a day in total trying to get it all working


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Omar,

    We took a look into your site and switched the Negative rules over to the Positive rules area and all worked fine from there. We'll take a look into the logic regarding that, but could you check it out and let us know how that works from here?

  • omar
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    david, *thank you*
    looks good to me
    the only thing i'd say is that it seemed more logical to me to have it work the way i had started off
    so, it would be great to hear back and find out if u change the code in anyway to make it work the way i had intended

    if u want to ONLY have one restricted page, then having it work the way it does could be a little cumbersome, since u'd have to change the rules and add a new permission EVERY time u added a new page

    i've still got a few questions that i need help with... but i'll come back to that in the morning

    one thing i'd say though: you know how good a company is when things go wrong - do they dump you or support you - so for that part, a BIG thanks for helping
    (having said that... i'm still not out of the woods... as i still haven't got the other parts to work properly yet)

    i'll post back here in the morning (GMT)

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi guys,

    Please check your subscriptions to make sure they have a membership level attached to them along with a price (or no price if you're using the free gateway) specified. The gateways options will only appear properly if there's a subscription that utilizes them.

    The reason the buttons are showing twice is likely because you have two gateways active. The PayPal Single Payment and PayPal Subscriptions gateways aren't meant to work together and likely you'll want to use the Single Payment gateway as it can manage the free payments as well as allowing you to manage subscriptions yourself rather than relying on PayPal.

    @Omar, we've made the adjustment on your site as we still had access from your prior concern.

    @igolftv, I'm looking into your other thread right now.

  • omar
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    david, thanks for that - really appreciated + thank you for fixing my website

    the fact that multiple gateways cause a problem - i really think this should be documented - i'm sure many many others will have spent a lot of time on the same thing : (

    >> Single Payment gateway as it can manage the free payments
    >> as well as allowing you to manage subscriptions yourself rather
    >> than relying on PayPal.
    how does that work? do i have to chase for payments on every renewal?
    i'd rather just let paypal deal with that
    please clarify

    to be honest, i only need subscription - but i'd still like to have the single option

    BIG problems with subscription
    through trial and error, i have discovered that you can ONLY have a maximum of 90 days subscription
    not sure if this is the wpmudev code or not?

    what if i want to sell annual subscriptions?
    i've tried setting to 365 days - but this doesn't work

    AND: i still don't see how i can set a price other than what is available from the drop down menu?
    how do i set a monthly price of £5.50 for example?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hiya Omar,

    to be honest, i only need subscription - but i'd still like to have the single option

    Take a look into the gateway settings and you'll see the option to change the button that appears. Doing so, you could provide different buttons for Single and Subscription so that they are distinctive to your visitors.

    what if i want to sell annual subscriptions?
    i've tried setting to 365 days - but this doesn't work

    Where are you trying to do this. Take a look in Membership > Options and look for the headings "Membership renewal" and "Membership upgrades" which both go to 365 days.

    You will also see, when you drag a level onto a membership, that you can set 365 days there too, along with the price for that subscription, to answer your last point.


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Omar,

    Thanks for opening up the new threads. It really does make it easier for us to support you in this. Looks like the site is coming along!

    I'm going to mark this one as resolved so we can focus on the other threads.

    Thanks again!

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