Need help with setting up SmartCrawl

I want to set up SEO (this is my freelance site) and want to figure that out. Can you provide tips on what to setup in SmartCrawl?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey Lara

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked the site and while the plugin itself seems to be configured fine, there's some things that I would suggest to take care of with SmartCrawl. Let me describe them below :slight_smile:

    1. Meta tags

    Currently description meta tag is based on the article (post/page) excerpt so it's "automated". However, on each post/page editing page in "SmartCrawl" box in "SEO" section there's an option to edit meta. There's quite a lot of space for improvement there:

    - "SEO Title" - in many cases it's short and a bit too short, there are markers (red/yellow/green line) over each field showing optimal length
    - perfectly, each of these titles would not only include some relevant keyword but also be as "descriptive" as possible;
    - "Keywords" field - it seems it's not used at all for most posts/pages of your site; it's best to put some keywords/keywords phrases there that are closely related and best describe that specific article that you're editing; it's also best to try to think like a person that is searching for some information but actually does not know about what's on your site and in that article (so "what would possibly a user type-in into a search engine to find that piece of infomration?")

    - you should also define Focus Keywords there (for each page/post) page

    - the excerpts - that's fine I believe as in many cases there's an excerpt that you manually created but if there are posts/pages where it's created automatically, it'd be best to add those excerpts manually; best practice is to make it actually a "super-mini article" so it contains some most important keyword but also clearly describes what kind of information a user will find under the given link

    2) Auto-linking

    It'd be good to setup some automatic internal linking. That's the tool that automatically creates links from specific phrases on your site to relevant articles on your site. That helps "build up" internal structure of the site. You'll find the tool for it on "SmartCrawl -> Advanced Tools -> Automatic Linking" page. Basically, you add important phrases there that you want to "make important" to search engines (so kind of "keywords") and set some additional parameters and the plugin takes care of the rest.

    Take a look here, please, for additional information how to use (tech-wise) that tool:

    I'd start with that and "technically speaking" that should be good enough in my opinion. However, you'd still need to make sure that

    - the sitemap is submitted to Google
    - the site is kept up to date both "technically" and its content
    - it's worth to try to get some valuable (so no directories, no "link exchange" tools etc but rather social media, popular and "thematically related" blogs and so on) links to the site - but that's always a good practice.

    It's also worth remembering that there's no "magic wands" in SEO. Our SmartCrawl is a great and useful tool (and personally I can't imagine my own sites without it as it simplifies so many things and actually "boosts search engines' perception of the site"!) but there are still other factors that count-in and things that you can't speed up :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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