Need Help with Wordpress Migration to New Host

Hi, I am looking to migrate from my existing virtual dedicated server to a new one and I am concerned about the migration process. Is there anyone here who can be hired for this project? I have tons of plugins from this site on my existing wordpress installation. Here is my need:

I have a need for a Wordpress and Host Expert to migrate an existing site on one server to a newer more robust capabilities. Here is the enviornment and details of what needs to be done.

Hosting Environment

Moving from 1 Virtual Dedicated Server environment to another using GoDaddy Hosting.
From Simple Control Panel to a Plesk Control Panel Environment.
FTP access.
Must migrate and set up all databases, and dns settings.
Upload files from previous install to the next.

Wordpress Environment

A Multi site Wordpress Site with multiple plug ins.
Plugins include BuddyPress, Wordpress Multisite, User Blogs, Mobile plugins, and a dozen more.
Need to migrate all data from the existing site at: to a new host.
Must migrate all databases, wordpress plugins, API keys for plug ins, etc.
Enable DNS changes for a rollover to new host.

Migrate all functionality of site.
Configure the ability for users to create their own sites using Wildcard Configuration in Apache/Tomcast. I.e.


Knowledge of Wordpress. Expert level.
Knowledge of SSH, Plesk, and Go Daddy Hosting.

Please call me or email if interested in taking this project on. Email: