Need help with words running off and getting cut off

Okay so two little things, on the Articles page if there is a longer article title it is getting cut off. Can we wrap this around? Second thing, is a similar thing is happening on the Certificate. If the title is long then on the certificate it is having problems.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Meredith,

    Hope you're well?

    With regards to the titles on the archive page, you can change this using the following CSS in your themes style.css

    .post-type-archive-course article.type-course .entry-title a {
        white-space: normal !important;

    With regards to the certificate, Could you grant support access from the dashboard plugin so we can take a closer look? See


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Meredith,

    I've taken a look and i'm not sure we can adjust the CSS on the certificate currently without editing the plugin code itself.

    I see a reference to render_cssfunction in 1 of the certificate files, but currently it's not used, so is either not completed yet, or it has issues with tcpdf class which generates the PDF document.

    I'm not sure if the following will work if we hardcode or not.

    Open up & edit the following file;


    Find the following, on or around line 74.

    $col_3 = 'width: 32.5%; margin-right: 1%;';

    Replace with:

    $col_3 = 'width: 32.5%; margin-right: 1%; white-space: normal; word-wrap: normal;';

    If the above still doesn't work on certificates I will need to askone of our SLS to see if he can come up with a quick fix.

    Hope this helps

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