need logged in/out status to affect CSS

I need to be able to change the style of things site-wide according to the logged in or out status of a user. for example, the general public sees a site with a white background and certain blog posts in the archive (but not all of them) have a red border around them and a button that says 'premium' next to the title. Then, when a user logs in, the site background changes to yellow and the red borders all go away. I know how to do all this with CSS, but I need to know how to trigger that based on the status of the user in the Protected Content plugin. The biggest problem I'm seeing right now is that the plugin is hiding all protected elements until a user of sufficient status logs in. So how can I prevent the plugin from hiding protected elements? I want the entire site to show all content but have protected content be of a different color/style using CSS. As I said, I know how to do all this with CSS (that's not my question) but I can't find any documentation on how to make the plugin talk to the CSS. Thanks!