Need MarketPress image gallery to be present when using attributes also

Hi wpmudev,

I am quite new to wpmudev and have two questions I hope you can answer regarding the MarketPress plugIn.

I am building a webshop with the MarketPress PlugIn - working for now in my local development setup.

I am setting up product attributes/variations and the Image gallery and lightbox disappears from the product page. Instead only one image pr. attribute/variation can be added and the product page only shows up this one image on the product page (that changes when choosing a different attribute/variation). I am afraid this is the nature of the plugin.

The thing is we need the image gallery to be present on product pages all the time. Thus there will be variations like sizes and colors for the product - we want the same pictures to represent the product and keep the image gallery to showcase them.

Is this possible - how can this be done?

The other question is about whether it is possible to let the user choose between 3 currencies that the user prefer (DDK, Euro and Dollars). And the store then will use that currency for the costumer.

Can this be possible - how is it done?

Do not hesitate to ask me questions if the above is not clear.

My best regards


  • Nahid

    Hi A&R !
    Hope you are having a great day!

    Unfortunately, MarketPress eCommerce doesn't support product gallery for variable products yet. But it has been a very popular feature request for quite some time now and developers are working hard to add this in the future updates coming very soon. Regarding the currency convert issue, I’m afraid that would require a custom plugin and this would be ton easy to achieve. It’s doable, so if you are not comfortable with PHP then please feel free to post a new job in our Jobs & Pros section on so that a skilled developer can do that for you. Alternatively, you can create one Wordpress Network Multisite and simply copy the content/themes/plugins with New Blog Templates plugin from one subsite to another. Adjust the gateway differently on each subsite. Of course you will have update the content separately and manually after that.

    Hope this helps. Thanks!


  • A&R

    Hi Hahid,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Product gallery for variable products is a must have for a web shop of today. And the project I am working on will be needing it for sure.

    My timeframe is 2-3 mounths. Can I count on this feature will be included in the next update of the MarkedPress eCommerce plugin? And, when is this update released (+/-weeks)?
    - or does I have to shift to Woo...

    My best regards,

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