Need Membership Levels (free and paid) along with Community

Trying to find a solution to allow for different membership levels, both free and paid, while also having a community where members can socialize amongst themselves. Also want to have the directory, chat is not a necessity, and a forum is nice though not required.

Can this be achieved through Membership and Buddy Press? I've heard of something called WP Symposium, too. Does that work along with this? Or is there another option of integrating BuddyPress with WishList Member to give the different paid levels.

Future involves delivering a 12-month program on a totally different level.

Any help is appreciated.



  • DavidM

    Hi Kelly and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    What you're describing definitely sounds doable with BuddyPress and Membership. Membership provides some BuddyPress specific rules to make it much easier to restrict access to BuddyPress elements, such as forums, messaging, etc.

    Social networking can be done with WP Symposium as well, though I'm honestly not sure how well it works in comparison to BuddyPress as I've not really delved into it too deeply. BuddyPress has been around longer and is totally free, and it has a large support community as a result.

    I'm also not sure regarding Wishlist Member but can definitely help you with the Membership plugin here.

    Oh, and chat can be done with the WordPress Chat plugin as follows (also BP compatible):


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