Need more information about Dashboard Widgets Order

Hi there super heroes! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to use Dashboard Widgets Orders, but I don’t see any changes after editing the file.

Here’s the current lines I have:

$dashboard_widgets_order['normal']['default'][] = 'dashboard_incoming_links';
$dashboard_widgets_order['side']['default'][] = 'dashboard_primary';
$dashboard_widgets_order['column3']['high'][] = 'dashboard_secondary';
$dashboard_widgets_order['column4']['high'][] = 'dashboard_plugins';

$dashboard_widgets_order['normal']['core'][] = 'dashboard_activity';
$dashboard_widgets_order['side']['core'][] = 'dashboard_quick_press';
$dashboard_widgets_order['normal']['core'][] = 'dashboard_right_now';

Question #1: What is “normal, side and core” options about?

Question #2: Will this changes effect all sub-sites?

Looking forward to hear from you about this. :slight_smile: