Need more options to display Products

Hello WPMU Dev,

I am using Marketpress for the first time, you can see me playing around with it on

I am trying to get to grips with how to display the products as follows:

1) Using a Slider which shows the featured product within a category

2) Using a Random post/product widget which displays a random product from a category each time the page is refreshed

I am able to do this for actual Posts within the WordPress tables using the plugins from iThemes DIsplayBuddy series.

Saddly, the iThemes and all other WP plugins are not able to see the Products set up via MarketPress.

The MarketPress display widgets are limited so I am guessing this must be an issue you have already resolved as I surely cannot be the first person to want to do this basic sales display stuff.

I want to remain using the iThemes Builder theme as it give me great flexibility to set the layout as the customer requires. Which means I looking for one of the following possible solutions:

1) There must be more Marketpress Product Display widgets OR

2) There is a way to allow 3rd Party WP Plugins Widgets to see Marketpress Products as natural WordPress Posts

Can you please help.

Kind regards,