need PHP code to show authentication of prosite payment

need PHP code to show authentication of prosite payment

Ok it looks like the Prosite does work with the Frontend. I’m not sure how it happened, but we were working with it last night and it’s working.

It doesn’t give the option as the first thing they see before they begin to enter products, however when they go to list their products they receive the package (Level) page. Yippee!

1. Now we are trying to code the site for the Prosite levels to come up before the market.

2. We also want to make sure they pay first

3. will hide their market if they don’t pay their yearly/monthly fee.

Can anyone help with this give guidance please.

Previous so you know what’s going on:

I purchased your Theme Tailor Frontend for my Marketpress Gridmarket.

I have everything set up. It works great, however I don’t know how to get my Prosite connected with it so I can charge membership. I am not a technical person.

What am I missing?

Originally, I already had everything hooked up for that before then purchased your packet and went step by step now I’m totally confused. I bought your package because I didn’t know how to only allow the new members to just register their products