Need pointers for svn and wpmu set up... anyone know svn?

Hey - I'm hoping some of you that are more experienced with svn can throw me a pointer or two...

I have set up wpmu with svn on my server - so I can check out the latest code from automattic. Cool. Now, I also want to have a repository so I can check my own code in and out of the server. Do I need to set up my own repository so I can check files out to my local machine?

Let me see if I can make more sense of it... this is the general flow that I want....

WordPress Code base on automatic servers
check out to my server
check out from my server to my local box
check changes back in to my sever and update

But I don't want to send my changes to Automattic - I just want my own code under source control... can anyone explain to a svn newbie the best way to configure a set up like that?

My guess is I need to set up a repository on my server, check the files out from automattic into a working copy on my server - then move the files over to my own repository every time I update WordPress? That seems to make sense but I can't quite wrap my head around it - and it just seems to have one step too many.... anyone wanna give me a few pointers?

  • johnnytee

    Hi Chris,

    I used to run my MU server this way, but I ultimately decided against it. Other people may disagree but...

    It's a security issue. SVN places hidden .svn folders on your server with temp versions of code. You stick a password in your code check into your server. Guess what ,I can see you password if I rummage through your .svn folders and do enough discovery. The way around this is to deny .svn in .htaccess

    It adds unnecessary bloat to the server. Only files that you want public and served should be placed on your web server. No reason to deploy junk.

    It can be a nightmare to manage if your new to svn and not familiar with resolving conflicts.

    But if still want to know how to do it for learning. Check out mu svn base. Then in wp-content/plugins create yourplugin folder. Check you code out into that folder. You can then manage your code from the MU check out. Update , so on. Yes you can commit on your local server and then update on production.

    Don't stick and thing under blogs folder under version. I high recommend not doing it and if you do secure and test,test,test.

    You can export however instead of checking out.

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