Need right terminology for what to call multisite hosting

I have a multisite with paying subsite users. Many of them are very non-techy, meaning they don't even know what hosting is. I'm trying to come up with a short description sentence that the lay-person can understand in what I'm providing to them compared to what they would have to do if they started their own self-hosted site. Here are the standard services I provide a subsite:
- Pre-built customized sites created by the New Blog Templates plugin.
- I keep the theme or plugins updated.
- I provide backups through the Snapshots plugin.
- Specific plugins installed that help with this niche (authors and writers).
- Note: I don't provide email service.

In summary, my typical client is a non-techy person who wants a site designed for authors that is pre-built and customized so all they have to do is insert their content on the pre-built pages, or have me complete it for them, and they learn just enough to add their own posts.

Just looking for anyone who has some input or experience with this. Should I tell my prospective clients that I provide "managed WordPress hosting and support," "full service website creation and hosting support for authors," or...

Thanks for anyone's input, Joe.