Need set up guide for whmcs multisite

I'm attempting multisite install on hostgator reseller account to accomplish what is described in your article:

i created a wildcard subdomain and have the chat session from hostgator and screen shots to show my initial multisite install regarding the issue which says it might be ok but there is a warning for your review...

the order in which to install the articles plugins is the same as delivered in the article or no?

could you email me for my screen shots and possibly look at my install to see if you see anything I need to do at this point? when i got the issue, hostgator referred me to a page that shows i did what was required ( fyi - i researched lots before contacting them or you in the first place and have had one failed multisite install on subdomains with the same error, previously)

i just need to know what direction to take this at hostgator -- subdomains or paths... but if it is a small setting with my current install that would be nice to know.

please mail
(you also have me as