Need some advice - Membership/Supporter/MarketPress combo site in the works I've done a significant amount of research for a client and we've settled on a solution that will be using a combination of the WPMU Membership, Supporter, and MarketPress plugins on WordPress Multi-Site. I've used Multi-Site only briefly and would love it if anyone could give me some advice on the proper order of setup, knowing that we'll be using all of these solutions in concert.

I currently have a fresh copy of WP installed (3.1.2) and will be using BlueHost for hosting.

Any advice is greatly appreciated....thanks in advance,


  • Mason

    Hiya quiver,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    That's a bit too general of a question to really be helpful - can you be more specific?

    You can install/activate those plugin in any order ya like. I'd probably recommend starting with MarketPress and getting things setup the way you like. You may also consider our Grid Market Theme:

    As well as our New Blog Template plugin to get folks setup quickly:

    Using Supporter/Membership largely depends on how you want to limit content creation (Supporter) and how you want to limit access (Membership).

    As I said, if you can tell us more about what you'd like to accomplish, we can provide some more specific advice. Thanks!

  • quiver

    Hey masonjames,

    Thanks for the advice here. You're right....I needed to be a bit more specific.

    I've gone ahead and done most of my setup which includes the following:

    - Enabled MultiSite per WPMU & WordPress' instructions
    - Installed: WPMU Update Notifications Plugin
    - Installed: WPMU MarketPress
    - Installed: WPMU Supporter (w/Limit Plugins & Premium Support enabled)

    I think that things are about where I need them to be now to show my client the nuts-and-bolts of what I have planned here...but I have a question here that I'd like to ask you...since I know I'll be getting the same question myself.

    Could the Supporter & MarketPress Plugins be modified/tweaked to be able to control the number of files/products that can be uploaded (to be sold)?

    I see where the upload quota is an out-of-the-box feature...but in this case it isn't the filesize that needs controlling as it is the sheer number of (purchase-able) files and/or products that needs to be limited. People who set up "stores" within this network will be charged based on how many products/files they choose to list. Make sense? Any thoughts there?

    Thanks in advance.

  • DavidM

    Hi quiver, that wouldn't be possible currently without a fair bit of custom coding.

    Supporter provides a very easy to use conditional check, is_supporter(), that can be used to test for the status of a particular blog as being a Supporter.

    It's the keeping count of the products and restricting based on that which can get a bit extensive. It's something you may want to consider posting the job board.


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