Need some advice on how I should set this up.

I'm fairly new to building BuddyPress sites, and I'm just not sure how I need to get this set up.

What I need to do is have two different kinds of users. One is an au pair (think nanny or babysitter), and the other is a family. Either can register and add their profile. They will both need different profile fields. Any visitor can search these users as well as read all pages and posts (no content restriction), but they cannot contact one another unless they have a paid membership.

We'll use private messaging for contacting so that it's all handled on the website, not through email.

Any tips and direction on this would be great. Thanks.

  • DavidM
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    Let's see how we can get this started! Membership should definitely be able to handle the crux of what you've described, quite easily too.

    The only complicated part would be the profile fields being dependent on the user type (membership level in this case). I think that would require a bit of custom work surrounding the BuddyPress core, though perhaps others around here may have ideas on that.

    So to begin with, I'd say you'll want to setup the levels with only 3 membership levels (possibly only 2 rules depending on how au pair and family will work) as follows:
    Stranger - BuddyPress Private Messaging rule in the negative rules
    au pair - BuddyPress Private Messaging rule in the positive rules
    family - BuddyPress Private Messaging rule in the positive rules

    And I believe you'd want to have 2 subscriptions to somewhat match those membership levels:
    au pair

    I'm not sure what the differences would be regarding the subscriptions (pricing/duration) though.

    With that you could simply setup your gateway of choice and activate everything (all the membership levels, subscriptions and gateways used). You'll also want to "make public" the subscription levels and set the Stranger level in Membership > Edit Options.

    I believe that would roughly take care of things. Let me know if any of this could use some clarification though and I'll see how I can help! :slight_smile:


  • tammyhart
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    Okay, I got all of this pretty much sorted, so I'll share how I've set this up.

    1. Using the plugin "Capability Manager", I added two custom user roles.

    2. I set the Membership levels and subscriptions up as you suggested, assigning them to their respective user roles.

    3. I created custom profile field blocks for each user role and assigned them to the role suing the "BuddyPress xProfiles ACL" plugin

    4. I used Gravity Forms and the User Registration add-on to create custom registration forms for both roles, assigning the custom questions to the Buddypress profile fields.

    There's still a lot of little tweaks and fixes to do, but I am so glad to have gotten this far. Thanks for your help!

  • gollumxcore
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    Hey Tammy, I am having an issue with the steps you laid out above...but it seems we are trying to accomplish the exact same thing. Can you please email me at so I can potentially get a little guidance on what to do...this is the only post I've seen out of many others that seems to answer my questions regarding profile types. I hope to hear back :slight_smile:

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