Need some css for woocommerce pages

I need some help with CSS for the woocommerce pages as below
1. Want to hide the ‘add to cart’ button and quantity button on the kitchen category (may be others as well but for now it’s just kitchens)
2. I want to ideally make the variation option labels on the front end larger, and with a green background – using this as an example (, if the labels can be as big as the green buttons below them, that would be fantastic
3. Can I also move the tabs under the image rather than in the ‘short description’ section (that’s not just for this product, but anywhere there are tabs)
4. On the checkout page, the Stripe/Card input form is really messed up – I think this is from css already in the site but can’t figure out what’s doing it.
Appreciate any help I can get for those :slight_smile: