Need some CSS help for formatting an uncooperative list

Please take a look at the lower left widget section on called “Recent Articles”. There’s one item named “Welcome to the ZATZ studio”. Since it only takes up one line, the icons don’t format properly, and the icon directly below isn’t pushed down far enough.

When I try doing something like

#brpwp_wrapper-2 a {
line-height:52px !important;

The height of all the lines adjusts, not just the space at the end of the line. I’ve tried spacing, margin, and still can’t seem to come up with a way to say “I want my list to be a minimum of x pixels.” Please note that the LI itself is styled as “min-height: 40px; padding-bottom:1px;” and this doesn’t seem to work.

Right now, my problem with this is in Chrome, but it may extend to the other browsers.

Any help would be appreciated!