need some direction with membership plugin

I have digital products with individual prices which I want to continue with all products

I also want to offer same products free with the membership levels of monthly and yearly

cannot figure that out with this membership plugin.

Can anyone advise or point me to the right tutorial for this?



  • Alexander

    Hi @glenn,

    MarketPress would be the ideal solution for digital downloads products.

    But unfortunately there isn't a way to allow free downloads when used with Membership. The Membership plugin can prevent certain MarketPress categories from being viewed, and hide other elements, but that's the extent of the integration.

    Now, with some custom coding this would be possible. Membership offers functions that developers can use to easily check if users are on a particular level. You could use this to see if they are a member, and if they are you could retrieve the download URL from the product and have it added to the page.

    Let me know if you're interested in pursuing a code based solution. I wouldn't be able to code the entire thing as this could nearly be a plugin of it's own. But, I could investigate further and point you in the right direction with the functions and hooks to use.

    Best regards,

  • Alexander

    Hi @glenn, I'm sorry for the delay here.

    Well, it would be more work, but I have another idea. You could use Membership shortcodes to place another download link within each product page. Then users could browse products as usual, but when logged in as a member they wouldn't need to pay.

    There are simpler ways to manage this if you do some custom development up front. For example, you could create product page templates that test what level a user is a part of with membership functions like is_user_on_level.

    We don't undertake custom development at WPMU DEV, but if you need to hire a developer you can checkout WPMU Jobs:

    Best regards,

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