Need some help with a custom post type and taxonomy

Hi there,

I've bumped into a few issues with a plugin I'm working on currently. The plugin registers a custom post type and that post type has its own taxonomy assigned. It's all working great, but...

What I would like is to have a URL structure like this:

Currently this is what I get:

How do I get the slug of my taxonomy to display after the custom post type? (Does this make sense?)

Also, when you are looking at your list of normal blog posts in the admin dashboard, you see title, author, categories, tags, etc. in that list. But my custom taxonomy (which act as categories to my custom post type) won't show up in that overview. How do I get that to display in that list for my post type?

Some advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

P.S. This is my very first plugin and the first time I'm working with custom post types!