Need some help with layout and css

I've given you access to the the site.

I'm setting up a template for my pop-ups and have run into some trouble. I've finally faced the fact that I need to know coding to move on but I'm a total novice so I'm probably doing domething wrong. I created the code in a separate editor and pasted it into the word press editor. The layout looks okay in the WP visual editor but doesn't show properly in the pop-up itself. I've also added some CSS. The same code looks okay when I view it from the editor I'm using. Still not exactly the way I'd like it to be. Attached images for reference:
1. The WP visual editor version.
2. The Pop-up preview.
3. The code as it previews in the separate editor. I could live with that if I could figure out how to get the text to wrap the photo.
4. The way I'd really like it to look.

Any help you could give is greatly appreciated.