Need some help with Membership 2 Pro.

Membership 2 Pro yearly membership ending in 2 days - can I change it to an ongoing membership before it expires or creates an ongoing membership that follows on from it? I want to extend the current paid one because payments are already in place. Need to prevent the membership expiring in 2 days. If I change the membership expiry date, which currently expires in 2 days will that apply to all existing members? If not, is there a way I can extend all members date in bulk not one by one and also change the membership settings to ongoing too.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Monajones,

    I'm afraid that these kind of changes are not possible with Membership 2 and in order to change the access for members you would need to manually change it for each one.

    Only thing that I could think of as an workaround for this is that you create new Date Range membership which will have your new date range and same access as the old one, then go to All Members panel where you can bulk remove current membership from all the members that have it and then bulk apply your new membership.

    Best regards,

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