Need some help with the theme


I’ve just recently changed the theme to your social theme since my old theme lacked compability with the newest wordpress and buddypress installations. And I of course wants to take advantage of all the functionalities the theme has to offer and tweak it to my liking.

First thing is:

I am trying to understand how the gallery settings work in the theme options. I can’t seem to grasp how you do to get featured posts into there or is it images that go there?

A tutorial on that feature would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I found the child theme *edit*. I do have a question regarding child themes aswell. How does it work when the theme gets updated and you use a child theme with the old code? Won’t you have to manually redo all the changes you’ve made in child themes to get the latest version?

I will most likely have more questions later regarding this theme since I’ve just started working with it but these questions are the ones I’d love to have answered now :slight_smile: