need some help with understanding how to use CSS for this plugin

Hey. I got this plugin from code canyon -->

he's explaining how we can use CSS & HTML to position a video or somesuch within the flip book, and I am wanting to understand and have an example shown to me of how to put a video in a certain position. whereas I know it's not technically a wpmudev plugin, I feel i'm asking a question about CSS/HTML that I can translate to a visual.

so ... I want to put a video in one of the panels on this comic book that i've created online, and am presenting through the flip book. I'm sure whoever reads this understands more about positioning in HTML/CSS than I do, and i'd appreciate them just taking a look at what the plugin says on it's advert and telling me if they can offer an example of something I could learn from. like, how to set a video in position one of the pages in the plugin.

sorry if that was confusing. this is the piece in the advert for the plugin that i'm intending to understand -->

which I assume is a sense of programming and positioning. i'm asking you all to help me with an example on something that I can look at and repeat if that's possible :slight_smile: