need some hosting advice/opinions

I’ve been on my own root server for years, but recently I needed more RAM than the available 4GB. Unfortunately the hosting provider I am with, doesn’t offer an affordable server with 8GB.

Been eyeing some of these other solutions where you can customize your server “on-the-fly” if you require more ressources, be it RAM, HD space, traffic etc…

I am aware that that is not a “real root server” but I’d be ready to give it a try.

can you please give me some feedback and maybe some providers you recommend?

P.S> meanwhile I’ll go through the wordpress recommended providers list…


I moved every year at last to the latest offer from my current host, so that is one of hte reason I am looking at this grid or cloud hosting, as I cna purchase more ressources when needed without having to completely migrate to a new server :slight_frown: