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I need a bit of help setting up MarketPress. First off, I must say that I am very new to Wordpress and all my problems might be due to that fact.

List of Attachments:
The Store page - (attachment voz-store.png)
The Products page - (attachment voz-products-page.png)
The Product Detail page - (attachment voz-product-detail-page.png)
The Shopping Cart page - (attachment voz-shopping-cart.png)
The Checkout page - (attachment voz-checkout.png)

I changed the shortcode in on our “Store” page to display products. I also setup a sidebar, which displays nicely on this page. In doing so, the “Products” page seems redundant. The “Products” page also does not display a sidebar. Is there a way to easily remove “Products” from the dropdown menu and/or add a sidebar to “Products” or other suggestion?

I would also like to add the custom sidebar I created for the “Stores” page to the “Product Detail” page and the “Shopping Cart”. The “Checkout” page should probably have a different sidebar. At the moment all the pages are displaying the “Primary” sidebar. I noticed that each store widget has a checkbox for “Only show on store pages”. This would probably work if I included these widgets in the “Primary” sidebar, but then I would have other widgets displaying that I do not want on the store. So how do you add/change sidebars for pages without a page? Do I create a page and then insert shortcodes? I thought I might but could not figure out what shortcodes to use.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated in setting MarketPress up correctly. I would like to see some “Live” MarketPress sites also.


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    Hi Rhek

    Welcome to WPMU DEV and thank you for being a member!

    I have to say, from your screenshots you're doing a pretty good job for someone just starting off with WordPress :slight_smile:

    Now for your questions:

    Is there a way to easily remove “Products” from the dropdown menu and/or add a sidebar to “Products” or other suggestion?

    You should be able to achieve this by creating a custom menu in WordPress. Please see this link for step by step guidance:


    Next question. You can create new sidebars for your website by following the steps in the link below. You then assign the newly created sidebar to a specific page. I would say this is better than creating pages and trying to work with shortcodes.


    Hope this information is helpful. Please don't hesitate to be in touch should you need any further assistance. And just keep doing what you're doing - it looks good!

    Have a good day.


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