WordPress Custom Menus and Sidebars


I need a bit of help setting up MarketPress. First off, I must say that I am very new to WordPress and all my problems might be due to that fact.

List of Attachments:

The Store page – (attachment voz-store.png)

The Products page – (attachment voz-products-page.png)

The Product Detail page – (attachment voz-product-detail-page.png)

The Shopping Cart page – (attachment voz-shopping-cart.png)

The Checkout page – (attachment voz-checkout.png)

I changed the shortcode in on our “Store” page to display products. I also setup a sidebar, which displays nicely on this page. In doing so, the “Products” page seems redundant. The “Products” page also does not display a sidebar. Is there a way to easily remove “Products” from the dropdown menu and/or add a sidebar to “Products” or other suggestion?

I would also like to add the custom sidebar I created for the “Stores” page to the “Product Detail” page and the “Shopping Cart”. The “Checkout” page should probably have a different sidebar. At the moment all the pages are displaying the “Primary” sidebar. I noticed that each store widget has a checkbox for “Only show on store pages”. This would probably work if I included these widgets in the “Primary” sidebar, but then I would have other widgets displaying that I do not want on the store. So how do you add/change sidebars for pages without a page? Do I create a page and then insert shortcodes? I thought I might but could not figure out what shortcodes to use.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated in setting MarketPress up correctly. I would like to see some “Live” MarketPress sites also.