Need Some Serious Help With Membership Plugin!

Okay, I'm having some serious problems with the membership plugin.

I've got three level:
Guest - The only rule I have here is a negative rule for buddypress url groups
- This works great

Gold - The only rule here is a negative for blog creation, this user should have access to everything else.
-This doesn't work at all. Users with this level can access all of the buddypress pages, but can't access any normal pages on the site. It doesn't make a difference if I put a positive rule for those pages or not, they are always redirected to the "No Access" Page

Platinum - This level is integrated with supporter and should allow the creation of a blog. I can't figure out how a user is supposed to create a blog. Also have the same problem with the pages. Users of this level can't access any of the sites pages regardless of the positive rules for pages.

I really need help getting this plugin to work. I have a client who paid me to build this site and I assured them it could be done because of the sales pages for the membership and supporter plugins.

Please Help